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Five Basic Management Skills

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The five basic management skills are all very important in their own way. Technical skills are important for managers because they must know how to train their employees properly. Managers also must have good technical skills so they can be aware of new technologies that are developed to make the job of their employees more efficient. Human relations skills are important because a good manager must know the proper way to communicate to their employees in order to get their point across and still keep the morale of the employees high. Human relations skills are also needed for managers to answer any questions about the product or service that their company is offering. Decision making skills are necessary for managers because they must be able to identify and fix problems that arise in their business. Without good decision making skills managers could find themselves always trying to dig themselves out of holes that they created with their own poor decisions. Time management skills are important for a couple of reasons. Firstly, good time management skills will mean that a manager is always doing something productive and not wasting too much time on task like: paperwork, telephone calls, meetings, and email. Although all of these tasks are unavoidable for managers, good managers must know how to balance these tasks with everyday relations with employees and customers. Secondly, good time management skills will show purvey to employees how they should manage their time in order to get their jobs done more efficiently. The single most important attribute that I believe a manager must have in order to be a good manager is conceptual skills. This is because with good conceptual skills a manager will be able to avoid making any decisions that will harm their company and jump on any opportunities that arise that will benefit the company. Conceptual skills also help in the decision making process because it allows a manager to analyze all the possible outcomes


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