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What Are Major Skills Jovita Carranza Has Demonstrated in Her Career at Ups That Have Made Her a Succeful Leader?

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1. Entrepreneurs contribute a great deal to their economies, societies, and to their own lives. Explain what entrepreneurs are, what sort of activities they engage in, and why what they do is so beneficial in terms of economic, social, and personal lives.

Entrepreneurship has is important for accelerating economic growth both in developed and developing countries. It promotes capital formation and creates wealth. It is the hope and dreams of millions of individuals around the world who aspire to “arrive”, “achieve” and “make it rich.” It reduces unemployment and poverty and it is a means to prosper. Entrepreneurship is the process of exploring the opportunities in the market place, taking advantage of every opportunity, by using resources required to exploit these opportunities for long term gain. It is the process of planning, organizing, and executing effectively a plan or series of plans to ensure that successful end results are arrived at through careful monitoring and adjustments as required. It is a risk, to a degree of business enterprise, because there are no guarantees for success. It could be characterizd to a degree as a willingness to take risk independently in order to make the greatest earnings possible in the market. It takes creative and innovative skill, thinking, resourcefulness and adaption to the market and the environment. Successful entrepreneurs expand the size of the economic pie for everyone through an extensive base of economic improvements, changes, ideas and production efforts that create jobs for a significant number of people. Bill Gates, who as an undergraduate at Harvard developed BASIC for the first microcomputer, founded Microsoft in 1975. During the 1980s, IBM contracted with Gates to provide the operating system for its computers, a system now known as MS-DOS. Gates procured the software from another firm, essentially turning the “thirty-dollar investment” into a multibillion-dollar product. Microsoft’s


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