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Biology - Three Major Themes

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1. Three major themes that help unite our study of life can be relationship of structure to functions, interdependence in nature, and science, technology, and society. These help the study of life because by understanding how specific structures relate to specific function and how the environment affects these functions. By using new technology to observe these actions, we can further understand life and what can be changed to make life better.

2. In science a theory is a hypothesis that is supported by repeated testing. They are used in experiments and scientist for the most parts. In real life, a theory is similar, but may not be supported. In real life it could mean reality, what should happen. The main difference is that in science it is used as a more formal concept.

Chapter 2

3. The helium atom has two valence electron as well as two electrons. It consists on outer ring, where the electrons orbit. This atom has two proton and two neutrons. Its structure makes it a stable atom.

4. Isotopes are different atomic forms of an element, in the form of different neutrons. They make different functions, but similar structure. Radioactive isotopes are important experimentally because they behave identically to the non-radioactive element, yet they can be detected by various means through radioactive decay.

5. Polar covalent bonds form when electrons are unequally shoved between two atoms, creating an uneven distribution. Nonpolar bonds have an even distribution and an equal chance to find electron. Both consist of electrons.

6. A hydrogen bond is a bond between water molecules that is responsible for most of water's unique properties. It hold water together, high specific heat, adhesion, expansion upon freezing, surface tension, and soluble.

7. Shape is important because it can cause different function, that could be deadly or life saving.

Chapter 3

8. The bond found within water molecules are polar covalent. The bonds found adjacent to water molecules are hydrogen bonds.

9. a. Cohesion hold water together

b. adhesion is when evaporation occurs on a leaf, it pulls up on it since water is being pulled and it has a clinging property

c. water has a high specific heat, so animals do no burn or freeze

d. evaporation cooling is taking hot water off and replacing it with cool water

e. density of ice is important because if it didn't, all water would freeze and no animals could survive in water

f. water is soluble and mixes with other substances

Chapter 4

10. Carbon is versatile


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