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Assessing Own Knowledge, Skills, Practice, Values, Beliefs and Career Aspirations at the Start of the Programme.

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P2. Assessing own knowledge, skills, practice, values, beliefs and career aspirations at the start of the programme.

  1. Knowledge

My knowledge as a health care assistant- I have been able to acquire more knowledge in health care through the health care professionals (doctors and nurses) to care for patients. I have worked in the Hospital environment alongside doctors and nurses, with my knowledge as a health care assistant, I can perform some medical tasks such as taking blood and inserting needles into veins. I take regular observations and ensuring the patients are constantly kept as comfortable as possible.

As a health assistant, I am able to carry out resuscitation on patients, in case of an emergency.

  1. Skills

My skill as a health care assistant is to focus on two ideas that dominate how I work day by day with the vulnerable adults; one of them is promoting personal centred care and patient safety.

Basing what I do on what the person wants and needs is the cornerstone a persons centred care. I place the person I care for first and most important and not the health care system I work for. This is crucial to provide a service that will meet the persons needs and which can make me and my colleagues proud.

My skills as a health care assistant, I recognise when people are vulnerable and I take step to reduce any risk to their safety and make sure the environment people are in does not pose any danger to them or others. I also have skills on how to safeguard the (vulnerable and the sick) by ensuring that they do not speak about them or their health issues with anyone except those with a legitimate interest (my colleagues in the team or a relative nominated by the person). This is known as personal confidentiality.

  1. Value and beliefs

As a health care assistant I am presented with all sort of issues and situation to which can make me to react. The way I deal with problems that arises will be based on the value that I have.

  1. Practice and Carer aspiration

As a health care assistant I work in a residential and nursing home, I often undergo training relating to my profession. Some of my practice are safeguarding an adult, moving and handling procedures etc.

I am currently studying health and social care in the college and my carer aspiration is to acquire the BTEC extended diploma in health and social care.


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