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Values Audit - Adaptable Skills, Analytical Skills, Motivated, Organized and People Oriented Skills

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Task 1: Values Audit        

Task 2: Capability Audit        

1.        Demonstrated Capacity to communicate effectively        

2.        Good Organizational and Administrative Skills        

3.        Ability to work as a Team Player:        

4.        Well developed Customer Service Skills:        

5.        Proven ability to manage projects        

Task 3: Elevator Pitch        


Task 1: Values Audit

The personal values are:

Adaptable skills, analytical skills, motivated, organized and people oriented skills.

Consideration of value is very important for career management because individuals have different values, wants and needs (Gill, 2003). The professional life takes a significant part of the daily life. Therefore, it creates a considerable impact on other features of individual’s life as well (Gilley et. al, 2009). Because of that it is significant to consider the values, needs and beliefs while planning the career direction and developing its strategy.

{The second part of this task will be done by student himself} 

Task 2: Capability Audit

The selection criteria is utilized by the organizations to choose from a list of eligible candidates, the most suited, effective, capable and qualified individual for the vacant position (Sullivan et. al, 2002). On the other hand the applicants are also required to demonstrate the ways through which they could be of value for the organization.

Following are the five most commonly used selection criteria by various organizations.

  1. Demonstrated Capacity to communicate effectively

Effective communication is the process of exchanging information either through verbal, written or through other modes of communication, in an organization. Effective communication is very crucial for uniting the activities of employees who come from various parts of the society.

An individual has to display his/her verbal communication skills as well as written communication skills while interacting with the customers as well as with the other members of the staff. Moreover the individual also has to display the ICT (Information and Communication Technology) and various disciplined communication while conducting the documentation of office work as well.    

  1. Good Organizational and Administrative Skills

The employees at a work place are required to demonstrate their administrative and organizational skills. It permits them to identify the needs such as supplies, administrative requirements, and contact persons for information etc. It also entails the individual’s organizational and administrative skills such a planning and prioritization abilities, the attention to detail skills, the multitasking skills, the analytical skills for analyzing various situations and forecasting, the communication and problem solving skills, the decision making skills, the people skills and the team skills, these skills helps an individual in interacting and aligning the tasks at the work place (Egan, 2007).


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