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The Ability to Finish Results by Using Machines, Systems and Methods of Organization Is Known as Technical Skills

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Jacq Ed Danniel D. Lugo                                                                June 16, 2015


The ability to finish results by using machines, systems and methods of organization is known as technical skills. This involves the knowledge and proficiency of a technique or process. Our society has evolved over time and we are more modernized than before. With the said modernization companies also evolve over time. Operations are faster and more efficient as technology develops. Technical skills for operations manager is even more important because he/she must know how the process or operation of the company works. As the operation changes and improves so must the manager. Technical skills must also be practiced as one must understand fully the operations of the company and make critical decisions.

Conceptual skill involves the formulation of ideas for decision making. Managers must be able to understand, come up with ideas, and solve simple and complex problems regarding the firm. Managers need conceptual skills for them to view the company as a whole and make sound decisions. The companies nowadays are getting bigger and bigger and it is very important that one must have conceptual skills. The bigger the company means the more operations and transactions it makes. All the decisions that a manager would make even the smallest one will greatly affect the company that is why it must also be improved as the company flourishes.

Behavioral or human skills is important for all manager as well as employees. Human skill basically deals with people and how to communicate and interact with people. It is quite important as a company will never run just by an individual it needs the whole team to act as one. As time pass by companies are in need of more employees than ever before. Huge companies have almost more than 60 employees. Human skills are very important as it determines how well a person communicates or works with others. Human skills are also needed by managers because it shows how great a manager motivates its employees and effectively handle his/her own people. Employees nowadays are quite hard to find and with a perfect behavioral skills a manager can find hardworking employees and keep the other ones. How a manager motivates its employees affects the over-all performance of the company.


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