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Attitudes and Behaviours Are More Important Than Skills and Knowledge If You Want to Be a Successful Entrepreneur

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Day to day a lot of new entrepreneur start their business, some of them successfully work for a long time, other bankrupt in short period. There can be different reasons why it happened. It can be because of poor management, insufficient capital, wrong location, wrong target market, lack of planning, or even over expectations. Entrepreneur should work hard to avoid all that possible difficulties. He should carefully plan his new business through searching the target market and review all the environment changes. It is important to use all person's abilities to success in this world. He should use all characteristics he has: positive attitude to the business he is doing, the knowledge of the world, also he should continuously train and work on himself.

When person start his business, he should remember that it is not easy. Every time there can happen unexpected changes in the world, people might change their preferences, and what was profitable today can became unnecessary tomorrow. The knowledge of market, competitors can help to avoid problems in this case through making fast reaction, or reallocating sources to other things. Sometimes competitors can innovate new cheaper machines that will reduce the cost and win the customers. Sometimes the consumers might need only a part of the product, not whole service. It cannot be done without analytical, decision-making skills. Entrepreneur should continuously research the environment of the business to know what is going on. He should be the first person in the line.

Another thing that every entrepreneur should remember is that risk is not avoidable. Risk is a part of the business. To be a successful entrepreneur person should work not only play safety, but do risky things. Sometimes to get next level he should turn the business to another sphere, make changes. That mean to be flexible to the conditions, to be open minded to the new opportunities. It is about person's behavior to the modern changes. Some times company has information about preferences changes, but do not want to change its traditional business, do want to make a reallocation of the stuff. May be because the company had profits in the past, and believe that will not lose a lot, they play in the sphere they used to. However changes continue to happen and entrepreneur should play on it.

Sometimes the difficulties or wrong decision can destroy the business, and good entrepreneur should learn from them. It cannot be every time only the right choice, without fails cannot be success. Good entrepreneur should overcome and continue to work without blaming himself or his employees. It is about the attitude to the work person doing, his believes and values. Entrepreneur should analyze his fault and avoid such things in the future. It is self-developing process to learn from mistakes. Every time entrepreneur has to make revision of all the strong sides of the company and possible weaknesses. He should work out


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