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Which of These (choose Two) Are Most Important for Being a Successful Entrepreneur?

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1. Which of these (choose two) are most important for being a successful entrepreneur?

One of the most important quality of an entrepreneur is to be able to recognize opportunities. For being an entrepreneur, an individual must have the ability to see and recognize that there is a problem to be solved or an opportunity to expand on. In order to do so, capacity of recognize opportunities is a vital skill for an entrepreneur. If an entrepreneur fails to recognize an opportunity, he/she won’t have anything to work or expand upon and would still be going around looking for opportunity, but won’t be able to find due to lack of opportunity recognition skills. The good news about this is that, this skill can be developed with practice over time. Developing these kinds of skills requires us to be focused, put in too much effort and time. Once an individual has this skill, he/she can easily recognize problem to solve and opportunities to expand around him/her. This would allow an individual, to change the way they see the world, and would be able to make connection and evaluate number of opportunities.

Another important quality of an entrepreneur is their own emotion and passion towards something. One of the important part of emotion is having a positive attitude. As mentioned in the text, having positive attitude could lead to number of beneficial outcomes. Such as, increased energy, enhanced cognitive flexibility, increased creativity, greater confidence and self-efficacy, use of efficient decision making strategies, increased use of effective techniques for solving problems, improved ability to cope with stress and adversity, and enhanced personal health. Being positive gives you a “to do” attitude, where you ready to anything and everything. Which could improve performance, increase career success and form more high quality personal relationships. But as we know, too much of anything is never good. Having only the positive attitude and ignore negative elements completely could harm you. Some people have positive attitude, whereas so people try and create positive attitude. But when you are passionate about something, you already have a positive mind set towards things. Being passionate towards your work is a crucial component for success. People can be successful with just effort and hard work, but when they are combined with passion, the work doesn’t seem so hard and you go out of your comfort zone to achieve success. Passion allows people to have self-efficacy and give the confidence that a person can accomplish the tasked they are working on. This confidence is essential when being an entrepreneur.

2. Summarize your group’s business idea in a paragraph.

Our business is an


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