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Business in a Global Environment for the Company Soreen to Launch in Two New Countries

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Market Research Report

International expansion – Desk research



Reserch Executive


1 Introduction 1

2 Market Availability 1

3 Market attractiveness 2

4 Risk Assessments 3

5 Recommendations 4


1 Introduction

Soreen is a well establish snack foods brand in the UK market with variety of snack products that has been offered, the company is looking for growth options by expanding in to a different geographical markets.

Soreen is a company that has many years of experience, over 70 years giving the key strength in product and market expertise. The company has many CSR and publicity activities that create attract consumers. Being a company with has a history with the UK cultural with evaluation of commercials over decades Soreen is a part and parcel of the UK families

Product List (1)

Soreen Original

Soreen Snacks

Soreen Sliced

Soreen Cinnamon and Raisings

Soreen Rich Fruit

Soreen Fruity Five sliced

Soreen GO bar

2 Market Availability

AS for the strategy of growth Soreen has chosen geographical expansion where Soreen would move with the existing product line to new markets. The Current market that Soreen is focusing on is expansion to Australia or Germany

2.1 Australia Market Reference to appendix 1.1 and 2.1

Australia is developing country that focuses on importing products that are needed for consumption with availability of many major products and brands. Australia has very attractive market where the per capita income is above the UK giving the consumers a higher disposable income, however the country is in debt mainly due to the amounts of imports. Australia has good trade relation with Japan and China as well as a free trade agreement with the USA. The major advantage of Australia would be the freedom that could be enjoyed in the Australian market. Politically the country is stable and has medium to good confidence in the government and there has been deregulation on trade over the years


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