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Mongols - the Most Successful Civilization

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he first example clearly exemplifies that the Mongols were the most successful civilization. They improvised and created their techniques when they were in battle. They also made new weapons or improved their original weapons to make them better. For example, when they reached Beijing, Great Wall of China, they went around it, they camped there and stopped the food from going into the city while inventing and making new weapons to attack. They also had huge vanguard units which goes ahead of the main troops to see if there was any ambush or traps. The vanguard units were also able to deceive the enemy troops who were often attracted because of their low numbers so the enemy troops were often trapped by the main troops. The Mongols had good logistics that allowed communication and supplies to cross long distances. They often used frozen rivers as a communication line, they were able to travel more or less 50 miles per day. When they were in a battle, they normally chose upraised hills to be a main communication point. They also used flags as a method of communicating to the other troops. Troops were always grouped into bunches of tens, hundreds, thousands and ten thousands, where each troop had a skilled and experienced leader. Invasions were done by armies that approached the enemy from different sides. For example, they defeated Hungary by using a number of troops to overcome the enemy. Because of their great size of soldiers in the army, they were figuratively like fighting machines.


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