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Verbal Communication Skills Essay

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Question 1:

Verbal communication plays an important role in business and also organisations to build success in many interpersonal encounters. One’s success depends much on the ability of effectiveness, clear pronunciations and words that being used while communicating with people from various countries, cultures and ages. Ones communicating style plays a major role in portraying the image of the speaker and their organisations. Fluency is vital in developing a business and also forging with customers.

There are few ways to improve verbal communication in business such as think before you speak. Preparing yourself in advance by having some clues on what you are about to talk is important to eliminate yourself while speaking to customers. Concisely giving information that makes sense and true to customers is important for a business to thrive. Answering to customers favours and query with providing the full details in concise manner will surely bring success in the business.

Being a good listener is an important element to succeed in business. Listening to the query and ideas thrown by the customers should always be prioritised as it may result on the improvement and betterment of the company itself. Being a good listener while a good speaker at the same time, genuinely shows the quality of one’s verbal interactions is good and may gain trust of the costumers in fastest way. It build a high trust from the customer side as they don’t feel doubt on what the vendors are delivering to them.

On the other hand, clearness and confidence is an important way to improve verbal communication. A clear communication is also take count in a business track and we must ensure all our customers gets the details relevantly and also to ensure the customers get details required in a good manner with command and respect. Speaking with self-confident, good articulation, vocabulary and body language may certainly impress the buyers and customers. With having those manner, the prestige of ones and organisation may fly high apart.


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