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The Importance of Communication for Managers

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Overseeing others work activities is the manager basic job, what managers do is working through and with people to accomplish the organization goals and by knowing that we realize that communication skills are essential for a manager so that he/she is able to perform the job.

The harder it gets to communicate with your employees the more important it is to do it, you may face some difficult people or unmotivated ones and that will make your job harder and more important at the same time it will be your duty to motivate them and help them join the team in order to accomplish the organization’s goals that will only be accomplish if all of the employees were working in the same direction.

The importance of communication for managers depends on the organization itself in it’s degree but it is significantly important for all of the organizations and it can be summarized as follows:

1-communication promotes motivation by informing the employees about the job tasks to be done, how to do them, and performance tips to improve it or to keep it up.

2-communication is an important source of information for the organization members, as it helps developing the organizational culture and identifying alternatives for decision making process.

3-communication also plays an important role in altering individuals attitudes, a well-informed employee well have a better attitude than a less-informed one, that’s why organizational magazines, journals, meetings and various other forms of oral and written communication help in changing an employee attitude.

4-communication also helps in socializing or it is the basic of socializing, and as we all know people can not survive without each other we need to talk and share we need to socialize.

You will not have a successful organization without having an effective communication system, which requires managerial proficiency in delivering and receiving massages. With that known we can say that


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