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Importance of Management Communication

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 Management Communication

This Chapter described the importance of business writing skill. From this chapter, we should know what is the difference between business writing and other writing. In addition to this, we should know what is formal writing and informal writing. Business writing skills are particularly important for business people and for their communication. The business writing skills has three phase; first phase of writing is prewriting in which we analyzing and anticipating the audience. The second phase is researching and organizing the message, the second phase is also known as writing phase. The third phase is revising. In this phase, we revising our writing in many ways. Revising phase is very important phase and it take more time compare to other phase of writing.

This chapter basically focus on first phase of business writing which is prewriting and planning of business writing. The planning of business writing has two goal. The first primary goal of business writing is informed or to persuade the audience. The secondary goal is to promote to goodwill. After identifying the purpose of message, we need to select the appropriate channel to communicated. There are many ways to communicated with audience like blog, email, letter, memo, phone call, face to face group meeting, fax and many more. While communicating to audience through blog, email, or write a report depends on some factors such as importance’s of message, feedback required, the need for a permanent record, the cost, degree of formality, confidentially and sensitivity of message.

The business writer is anticipating for their audience message. A good business writer always doing profiling for gathering of people and forming a message to react to that profile, writer is more liable to accomplish your correspondence objective. Writer always enhance the tone of a message by accentuating group of reader’s benefits, developing your demeanor, and utilizing a conversational tone and comprehensive language. In addition to this business writer always doing empathy includes molding a message that speaks to the receiver. A writer should be conversational expression and professional in their work. The most important part of writer is that it should writer in positive language so that it will give goodwill to their receivers. Thus, writing skills is most important communication skills in business world.


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