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Financial Proposal Contruction Manager

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Introduction - The Board of Directors of Shooting Star Telecommunications, hereinafter referred to as Shooting Star, is seeking proposals from qualified construction and design consultant firms, hereinafter referred to as the Construction Manager, to provide construction management services for the construction of the Addition and Renovation to the Shooting Star Telecommunication Office Headquarters located at 3320 Shooting Star Drive, as described below.

Understanding the Objectives - Shooting Star Telecommunications is a progressive telecommunications company employing 300 employees in the production of cellular phone equipment. The facility in which they operate has lagged behind and requires some upgrades. An addition to house a cafeteria, lunchroom and day care centre is listed as a high priority as none of these exist at present.

The day care centre will be a place in which children are safe and happy. The rooms and playground will facilitate children doing for themselves. Parents will feel confident and secure leaving their children in the centre.

The addition of the cafeteria and lunchroom will provide employees a place to enjoy hot and fresh meals along with an area to enjoy lunch with their colleagues. Having the lunchroom will also be beneficial for small lunch meetings, birthday celebrations and other company events.

Both the cafeteria and day care centre are to be break-even operations while the construction costs will be written off as capital losses. The cafeteria will be completed and operating before the day care centre is completed.

The project consists of the design and construction of an addition to house a cafeteria, lunchroom and day care centre, to be attached to the Administration Building of the Shooting Star Telecommunications Headquarters building. Design and Construction will be in accordance with the following broad guidelines:

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