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Executive Meeting - Marketing Manager Proposal

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I agree with these new outlet develop in Petaling Jaya.

As we know, we offer the catering service, so its vary to other product especially in marketing plan, financial and production.


Marketing manager must identify when any opportunity and problem have. I need to give attention how to solve some problem about market environment and must make decision about which programs to execute. The sales force must execute the sales plan; the advertising agency must execute the advertisements.

In short term planning, we know that our customer responses indicate that our services and food has an excellent reputation for delicious in food, friendly in services quality in our performance. The inquiries from prospective customers last month suggest that there is considerable demand for catering. So, in order to the new outlet, we should maintain our performance in strategy to control the new market. Thereby, our marketing strategy is to aggressively promote our product.

As we know our competitor like Sri Andaman catering just offer meals. But we try to offer the vary service with karaoke, annual dinner, wedding and decoration. So there is our value to customer . Customer can have meals, karaoke, wedding and decoration services which our competitor have not offer. Automatically, these can give our new outlet the competitive advantage in long term planning.


In order to develop the new outlet, I want to tell the board about market analysis. I think should look in competitor environment. We should analysis the market before we run this new outlet. If we open the new outlet in Petalin Jaya, I think we will compete with our major competitors in these new market. The competitors which near with our new market are ;

 Sri Andaman Catering

 Faridah Osman Catering

 Delicious Catering

All these companies charge competitive price. For example in average calculation, the First competitor Sri Andaman Catering offer RM 12 per person compare to Faridah Osman Catering prices RM 12.50 per person and the last competitor offer the smallest price is Delicious Catering just offer RM 10 per person in average calculation.



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