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Marketing Management - Youcan Group

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Executive summary

This report is one real practice to feel the situation of business battlefield. Under the assignments' requires that we try to do the corporation with Youcan Foods International Ltd to help them design the plan to entry the global market. In this report, we are simple describe the Youcan's general situation to introduce what services or products they can provide into the market. At the following we provide the mission and vision of Youcan to analysis their organization culture and structures. In this report we are focus on the market environment analysis and related strategies should use in the market. And we also base on these analyses to support some choices of distribution methods to meet the company's long-term objectives and short-term objectives. Moreover, we give a risks summary to summarise the related risks may happen in the exporting process. Finally, we are also base on the company's requirements try to list out the detailed process of operation and especial for the logistic management. At the attachment part we also do a financial plan upon our estimates.


Background of YouCan

YOUCAN Foods International Limited is one subsidiary of YOUCAN Group. YOUCAN found in 1991 and they start to sell the ice cream products in Guangzhou of China. YOUCAN's frozen food product line was introduced at 1995 and its market expanded to Zhejiang province that one part of eastern of China at following. Today, YOUCAN's distribution network includes over 280 distributors and 40 wholesalers such as Metro and Carrefour these famous brand of retail industry.

As we know Singapore stay at the topics that they only have the summer throughout the year, so there is no the seasonal fluctuation on the demand of ice cream and Singapore is a stronghold to test international market. In 2004, YOUCAN Foods international Co. Ltd the subsidiary company of YOUCAN Group was successfully listed on the main board of Singapore Stock Exchange. And they successful entry the Singapore market at 2006, however by the effects of "SanLu incident" they leave the Singapore market at temporarily. At now they have come back to the Singapore market again, they will continue to expand their global market at the following. Youcan achieved the ISO 9001 certification in 1997, ISO 14001 certification in 2003 as well as the HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points) certification in 2004. And they also own the Halal product certificate that provide by IFANCA. Youcan's


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