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Liverpool Airport Marketing Managment

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The case is about Liverpool Airport formally opened in 1930’s was also known as Speke Airport. At the time of Second World War it was used as a Royal Air force but in late 1960’s it was used commercially. To gain market and create a brand image among the passengers was very challenging for them as it had strong and competitive market. The major problem for LJLA was its geographical location, it was located 8 kilometers away from Liverpool city which was easily reachable by road but there were no rail connections which cause inconvenience to the passengers.

The main competitor in the market was Manchester International Airport as it offer services for both domestic and international flights and just because of that it became the UK’s third largest airport. In anticipation of recent growth the Liverpool Airport was restricted to local flights only.

The historical milestones achieved till 20th century were discussed below:

• The city of Liverpool became the England’s third largest city which lead to firm turn down in its established industrial foundation its population fell by over 40% since the 1960’s that was the reason of its decline in the market.

• In late 1990’s , Liverpool began to turn its fortunes in reinventing for both a cultural and commercial centre, partially on the hold of investment from government rejuvenation finances and LJLA started pace up its position again and entered into the market with lots of updated service strategies.

• During 1998-2008 there was 5% increase in the population which was a positive sign for LJLA and it becomes the Europe’s fastest growing airport.

• In 2008, LJLA build its strong market and challenged Manchester just because Liverpool had established a prosperous centers for trendy culture, commerce and retailing, most remarkable, construction on its tradition to become Britain’s


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