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Task 1

Jam is typically a very sweet fruit jelly with a lot of sugar mixed in with the fruit and it comes in a variety of flavours

Fraser Doherty from Edinburgh in Scotland was 14 years old in 2003 his Grandmother shared her jam secrets with him and he soon started making it himself, selling his produce at farmers

markets and to local shops.

Thing was, Fraser loved eating jam as much as he loved selling it. In fact, he was getting through a few jars of his own jam every week.

He decided he was going to make the healthiest jam possible using only the most nutritious fruits and without adding any sugar or sweeteners.

He discovered that so-called ‘Super Fruits' such as like blueberries and cranberries – contain

in nature high levels of antioxidants and vitamins (as well as tasting good!). So Fraser decided to use only Super Fruits in his jam.

These are the samples of Fraser's super jam

Blueberry & Blackcurrant

Rhubarb & Ginger

Cranberry & Raspberry


An entrepreneur is a person who makes the plans for a business or a piece of work and gets going.

Fraser Doherty is surely a young entrepreneur. As for him it all started as a way of making some extra pocket money by having to sell the jam from door-to-door.

Just for fun five years ago in the afternoon in Edinburg, Fraser's seventy year old Grandmother Susan was thinking of how to cheer up her grandson. Thus decided to send him out with the list of ingredients needed for the jam and spent the whole afternoon showing him how to make her secret recipe jam.

Susan did not know what she started. Those first few jars were sold enthusiastically to neighbours who loved the jam. He made some more and sold it the rest of the street, then the local church fete. As the famous saying goes from every acorn grows a mighty oak.

Five years later he conquered Britain. And he says "My grandmother thought it would be fun if she showed me how to make jam. I loved it and went out to see if I could sell the few jars I had made.

"I sold them all to the neighbours down the street and it grew and grew."

"Pretty soon I was producing a thousand jams of jar a week from my mum and dad's kitchen."

"It was then I realized I would need to get bigger premises."



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