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Peter F. Drucker - Father of the Modern Marketing Management Concept

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At the beginning of this article, I can conclude that Peter F. Drucker is the father of the modern marketing management concept. He saw himself as a management, not marketing, specialist with a primary interest in management principles and theory. Ant there are two entrepreneurial functions-marketing and innovation. I also know that marketing is not only much broader than selling; it is not a specialized activity at all. In fifty years ago, he also assertion that profit is not an end in itself but a means to the long-term growth and survival of the business was expressed in his disdain for short-term profit maximization and putting shareholders' interests ahead of those of customers and other stakeholders. I think this concept really arose huge changes of the marketing place before.

To be more specific, Drucker established the raison d'etre for marketing as the most vital part of management, as a fundamental value for the organization, but not, as a distinct business function. He also highlighted turn customer orientation as organizational culture. I think this is important for marketing today. They change their first economical goal from sales to pay more attention to their customer's needs. This is a diverse change in marketing IS management, even in whole business cycle. In the meantime, he thought marketing was the most developed of the management disciplines and the most teachable. This is the reason that marketing has been so popular these days. Company already knows once they grasp the heart of the customers and they can grasp the most marketing share in this area. In my point of view, company according the data of customers need and desire, they will do a better job than they know nothing about their customers. At the same time, they can obtain their final goals like earn more profit which is higher return-on-investment and earnings-per-share. In this article, he mention marketing today, has been more date-driven than theory-driven, focused more on improving analytical techniques with sophistication, rather than on understanding of marketing problems and management practice.


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