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Time Management - Concept of Time Management

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Time management is defined as actions which helps to manage the time effectively. When a good time management practised in a organisation or business, that helps that business to increase its productivity, that also indirectly helps that business to get more profit.

Concept Of Time Management

Now a days time management has been categorised in to different sector, but all their motives is to achieve the same goals. Most of the people only see the time management in their personal level.

The concept of time management is to choosing important things in all the thing u do and give priority to that important things. That helps a person to get more successful at the goals that they want to achieve. This achievement will help that person to be self satisfied and increase his productivity in the things he do. To main things a person need focus to be skilled in time management is Goal setting , Decision making, delegating and prioritizing.

Most of the people thinks a device like PDAs will help them in time management but the devices can only work as how we work it. It is the peoples duty to take care of the tasks that is important to them. Ex : some tasks needs to decided quickly but in some tasks decisions needs its Time. When a person takes long time to decide where he have to decide quickly or changing the mind after taking the decision is the symptom of indecisive. Being indecisive is not good for any person. A person who is good with time management can make any decisions quickly without changing it any time. Generally a person takes decision slowly when he has many options in a decision, by that time a person should look at pros and cons of all the option he has and also writing it down will be helpful.

It is a sign of indecisiveness that makes you take a long time for making a decision or changing after you have made one. It can cause you a lot of problem if you are indecisive. To become successful in time management you must learn to make quick decision and stick with the decision that to take. How can you do this? Normally when you are put up in a situation to take a decision you will be presented with have two or more option. Success or failure depends with the decision that you make generally, when you are presented with a decision, it will come in the form of two or more options. You must decide which option you need to choose. By looking at the pros and cons of each option you can make a right decision quickly and easily. You can also right them on a board that will also help you in making a decision.

By writhing them on the board we can compare the number of pros and cons of each option. When a comparison is made we you can pick the option that has the maximum number of pros and least number of cons. This is one of the


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