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Why Are Marketing Managers Are Paying More Attention to Ethnic Dimensions of Consumer Markets in Malaysia?

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3. Why are marketing managers are paying more attention to ethnic dimensions of consumer markets in Malaysia?

Malaysia is a multi-racial country consisting of the Malay as the major ethnic group, the Chinese, Indians as well as other minority ethnic groups. All this group live harmony in support of unity in diversity. More of the marketing managers are paying more attention to ethnic dimension of consumer market is because the number of ethnic consumers is growing at much faster rate than overall society. This is the results from immigration such as Indonesian and Bangladesh.

The product must be not physically good and the features must be appealing to certain ethnic that is the targeted market. The quality level and the services must be more to attract the customers to come and buy their product again.

The price target for the consumer must meet with the consumer income or ethnic income. If the ethnic we targeted is the middle class income, the price must not be too pricy because the consumer will not pay for it. They rather spend their money on something more important than buying our products.

Your promotion must have an objective. Which ethnic are you targeting to buy your product? Advertise your product widely so that your product can be recognise or known to those ethnic that you are targeting. The sales person must advice and give knowledge about the product so that the consumers can choose what suits them the best in certain product.

Your location or place to promote the product or the place of the ethnic that you are targeting is very important. Do some research to know better about your targeting consumer or ethnic so that when you promote your product in certain area, it is acceptable by the surrounding community.


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