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Information Technology and Business Management

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With the development of global information economy, information technology will be leaded deep into business management continually. The traditional business management mode will not meet the demands of a new age apparently. The age of information leads the business environment and world economy situation got earth-shaking changes, and many industries are facing with reshuffle. At the same time, it provides more opportunity for companies to upgrade their business operation. On the other hand, more and more companies have to adopt new mode and strategy in their organization and management area because of the age of information.

The products and productive process, companies and industries, and the nature of competition had dramatic change because of the modern information technology. We should not consider information technology as a assist or service tool any more, and operators have to aware of the broadly influence of information technology. They have to know how to take the advantage of information technology, and create powerful and enduring competitive advantages.

Information Technology and Business Management

Nowadays, human society is developing from industrial age to information age. Moreover, with the development of computer technology, communication technology and network technology, modern information technology got dramatic change. “In recent times, organizations increasingly is faced with dynamic environment and changing and were forced to adapt to these environmental factors. Technology has changed works and organizations.”(Andalibi, Rafizadeh, Salimi, & Khleghi, 2013) At this present, the scope of information and knowledge, form, size, obtain, store, and transfer, they all got dramatic changed or changing. Meanwhile, they are changing the global economic activity and management method. More and more companies are changing their form of recognition and measure of value on the world step by step; and their intrinsic survival and development mode are also changing.

Envisaging of the arrival of information age, we should improve or even reconstitution our business and management mode. If we do not pay enough attention and control these changes, we will face failure. The following concepts will be covered in this paper:

1. The characteristics and applications of information technology.

2. Information technology and business management.

3. The development of information technology brings revolution to the enterprise management.

4. The influence of information technology for enterprise management.



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