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Environmentl Crisis Management

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There are so many products that we use mindlessly every day, without a thought to how they might be affecting the environment around us. The time has come for us to think carefully before we use any product and look for healthy alternatives. Witness the terrible effects of global warming, of ozone depletion, and the sad effects of pollution on the health of so many people and you will do an automatic double take and look for solutions to these problems. All you have to remember that it is the smallest drop of water that goes to make the mighty ocean, and you will never feel that your individual effort is all a waste.

How does one preserve the environment?

All you have to do is to simplify your life, think green and incorporate it into your daily life.

• Begin by completely switching to cleaning products that are environment friendly and are non toxic. Have you noticed the fumes that come from most of the commercial cleaning products when you use them? Do your eyes water? Aren't you being warned to use gloves when you handle them and again to wash your hands carefully after using them? Learn to identify non toxic products that are now available or learn to make your own. It is your life after all!

• Appliances with heating elements should be carefully used as they consume a lot of power. How about drying your clothes or your dishes the natural way instead of using the drier?

• A front loading washing machine uses less water, less detergent and less power than the top loading machines. Damage to clothes also is far less and the spin is far more effective as the clothes come out almost dry.

• Do you turn off the water while brushing your teeth? Litres of water can be saved if each of us does our bit every day. All it takes is a little thought and commitment to preserving our environment and the air we breathe. Regarding water, a way to avoid waste is to never put water down the drain when there may be another use for it such as watering a plant or garden, or cleaning. When washing dishes, fill the sink and let the dishes soak before rinsing, instead of using constantly running water.

• Help to recycle unwanted paper. Think of the trees you have preserved from the axe with this small act.


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