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World Food Crisis Management

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The world food crisis management is not a recent dilemma. Because of uncontrolled exploitation of natural resources, there is currently a world food crisis at hand. Dangers to the environment that directly impact agriculture and the food chain include depletion of natural resources, environmental pollution, interrupting the world’s water supply, and wide range use of insecticides, pesticides, and other chemicals applied to crops. Another impact that has been detrimental to agriculture and the world food crisis is the Earth’s climate because heat does not radiate back into space properly because of relying on a balance of heat-trapping gasses that work as the natural greenhouse for maintaining the correct amount of the sun’s energy to support plant life. Consequentially, more heat is being trapped, which is the source of the rise in global temperatures. The greenhouse effect potentially will displace agriculture in the future.

        In addition to exploitation of natural resources contributing to the food crisis, food losses and food waste also contribute to the world food crisis. Reduction of food losses and food waste, especially in developing countries will not only fight hunger but will also use our natural resources more efficiently. This requires the involvement of the government and the implementation of safety net programs to aid the underlying source of food scarcity in developing countries – poverty. Reduction of food losses and food waste depend on processing, delivery, and consumption time. Public awareness and government involvement are paramount to upgrading standards in agriculture from the fields to the stores. This is a worldwide dilemma that requires that we all share in terms of responsibility of looking for a solution. Humankind scripts the future in world food crisis management.


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