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Technology Has Made as Worse Communicators , Not Better ones. Discuss

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Since the beginning of time, communication has existed as the foundation for humans in establishing relationships and conveying ideas. Such a primal and almost instinctual need for such a means of interaction has, of course spurred people throughout the ages to create better ways to expedite the process of communication. The technology boom in 21st century is a testament to that trend. While electronic devices such as computers and cell phones have served to make us more efficient communicators, it is still unclear if these improvements have made us more effective communicators.

Efficiency in communication brought about by technology can be seen in a practical sense. if anything, we have definitely become better communicators in utilising the resources available to us to convey our ideas in a faster and more concise manner. Gone are the dats when snail mail was the only means of long distance interaction; when a message intended for a person across the country had to endure several days in the postal service. today emails and text messaging have become staple means of long distance communication, which is understood as messages are delivered to the intended recipient with just a single click or touch of a button. Such efficiency has been made possible with the invention of cell phones and the internet and all fall under the large umbrella of technology.

however it can be argued that technology has taken a toll on our societal lives making us less effective communicators with regard to interpersonal relationships and interactions.