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Technology Trendy Communication

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Technology Trendy Communication

The use of technology is an essential part of every business. How the company chooses to utilize it depends on their success. The use of new technology can keep a business in touch with the world. Technology is used in every business no matter how big or small the company is. The uses of security systems, phone systems, or a cash register are all examples of technology in use. The use of technology is only effective unless the company uses it correctly.

Larger corporations such as Wal-Mart, is using technology to reach out to millions of its customers. The use of social media, such as face book, links the customer to ongoing product specials. Their own website enables customers to shop in their own home and at their convenience. This technology makes communicating with their customers more accessible and productive. Utilizing the resources available also allows this company to communicate with each store and the main headquarters with ease if used properly.

An Example on not using the new technology effectively would be a small business next to my home. The hours of operation are not consistent There is no advertisement via the internet or social media. The most concerning area of ineffectiveness is the absence of credit cards and checks. Cash is the only form of payment that is accepted. This type of practice is only going to hinder the growth of this company. The company should implement the use of the internet, emails, and accept credit cards to enable a successful business.


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