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How Technology Has Effected Communication in the 21st Century

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How Technology has effected Communication in the 21st Century

In very recent years technology has been developing at a rapid pace. In the space of ten years I believe technology has changed our lives dramatically and it will continue to do so in the future. People are developing so many different ways to communicate online through social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Instead of phone calls, letters and physical photographs being sent in the post, people can now connect through the likes of video calls using Skype and online picture galleries such as Instagram.

Developments such as text message, e-mail, instant message and smartphones make it easier for us to communicate to each other around the world. We are able to get in touch with each other quick and easy for personal, business and emergency related needs.

The development of Mobile phones and Smartphone’s make communicating easily accessible. We are able to do so much with such a small device. Things that we weren’t able to do in the past have been made incredibly easy for us. Calling friends and family, paying bills and keeping up to date with our social media sites like Facebook is now quick and easy. They allow us to keep in touch while on the go at any moment in time.

I believe these rapid changes are for better and worse, mainly better but can impact our lives on both ends of the spectrum.

Positive effects of communication technology would include being able to complete personal tasks online such as banking, most banks have online banking options which allow us to check our account balance, transfer money online and even cancel direct debits at the click of a button. We can also manage finances and pay bills online.

Social networking has made a big change to the way we communicate. We no longer have to wait for letters in the post, we can post pictures, statuses and videos online keeping others up to date about our lives. There are so many different kinds of social networking sites, from personal sites like Facebook to professional sites such as LinkedIn and even dating site like Plenty of Fish the internet has something for everyone.

Facebook would be one of the most popular social networking website at present. It was founded almost 10 years ago in 2004 by Harvard student mark Zuckerberg along with his fellow roommates and students. Zuckerberg had limited the use of the website to students of Harvard University only, but after its success he expanded to other colleges around Boston gradually making the site accessible to anyone over the age of 13. Facebook was a way for people to reconnect online or keep in touch if there was a long distance between them. Many people got Facebook as means of communication if someone moved to a different country etc. Over time Facebook grew more and more advanced introducing instant messaging and eventually


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