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How the Evolution of Communication Is Changing as the World Becomes More Technology Focused

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Technological advancement is inevitable in our world; hence a change in communication methods is bound to follow. Communication is an integral part of our everyday lives as it allows humans to interact with each other and in turn, drive development in all areas. It is a way of conveying our knowledge, thoughts and experiences to others; otherwise it would not have been possible for technology and other fields to have progressed so extensively. This essay will firstly explore a brief overview of the timeline of communication and how it has advanced over time. Following this, I will discuss the improvement and deterioration of communication as a result of technology using a number of journal articles and finally, I will examine the standards necessary for criminal justice and public sector officials in order to maintain the public’s confidence in such organisations.

Considering that communication began as wall paintings, it is clear that we have come a long way. Initial notable advancements such as the Phoenicians developing the alphabet in the 16th Century BC and the invention of paper in AD 105 made it possible for people to record incidents/events and to correspond with others. The invention of the telephone in 1876 proved to be a huge step forward, allowing people to now speak to each other in real time. Over a century later, a system was developed which would become the world wide web. It brought people even closer together, allowing interactions with others from all over the world and the ability to easily access information as needed. The creation of emails, SMS’s and instant messaging have also had a profound effect on how individuals stay in touch. While they provide an easier way to interact, negative impacts include potential contextual issues and misunderstandings due to lack of nuances, etc.

New types of technology being used to facilitate interactions have both improved and hindered the process of communication. In their journal article,


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