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3d Technology - Welcome to the World of Speedy

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Welcome to the World of Speedy


s humans, we often wonder what our future would be like. We try to predict our future based on current knowledge and facts. In the case of cinema and television, such an instinct particularly holds true. When photography was introduced to the world, people started visualizing the advent of motion picture. When motion picture dawned upon us, it was silent and in black and white; so we predicted there would be sound and color someday in motion picture, and we were right. But along with sound and color, came the ever improving sound and visual effects. Movies like Men in Black and Matrix are remarkable examples of such special effects. However, special effects have taken a detour from mere computer generated graphics to exposing the viewers to three-dimensional (3D) effects whereby viewers experience certain components of the video popping out of the screen and moving towards them – an illusion created by a pair of special glasses having red and green lenses or Polaroid lenses. Moreover, 3D has not only entered the realm of cinema and television, but has also made a place in photography and gaming. However, these shall be dealt with later in this report.

3D movies are speeding their way into our lives. More and more movies are being shot in 3D these days and what began with children's movies is now entering the adult zone as well. Such movies are a major interest of the masses as also the keen interest of movie-makers. But the question is how are these movies made and how do they work? Do these movies have a bright future in the film and television industry or are they just a passing fad?? Is 3D viewing harmful to general health???

We shall deal with these questions in this report but first, let us get into a brief history of 3D movies.

The History of 3D Movies


D technology, also known as stereoscopy, seems to be quite new and a concept that is fresh. After all, it's been only a while since we've been watching movies in 3D. However, it is almost unbelievable and remarkable that the first 3D movie that the world ever saw in the theatres was created in 1922, named Power of Love. The movie was made with the traditional anaglyph process. Although the audience were awed by the magic they saw, the movie unfortunately did not receive as much of a positive response as expected since the anaglyph technology gave heavy headaches to its viewers.

Many other anaglyph movies were made thereafter but not one made any success. This was especially because of the poor quality print and the subsequent headaches. Moreover, anaglyph technology did not support viewing movies in color even after color movies were made possible. All these factors led to the downfall of 3D viewing.

A few years


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