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World of Finance - Steps to Establish

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Due to my prior background and interest in the field, I opt to dive deeper into the world of finance. This program shall also give me the opportunity to stoke my interest in corporate finance, derivatives and valuations. I firmly believe that education is an on going process with sky as the limit. A master's degree in finance will equip me with the depth and expertise to differentiate myself in a bleak job market.

I believe that education at the Warwick Business School will not only help me compete on the highest international level but will also provide me the skills to constantly adapt to the changing professional environment around me. I look forward to getting an education that will give me the enquiring and analytical mind that can identify opportunity and exploit its potential to the fullest. Through Warwick, I am looking to build a global network that will be my inspiration as well as guide for future challenges. I am looking for a truly international business school program which will enable me to fulfill my goals.

My long-term goals are:

1. Establish my own firm as a venture capitalist focusing on the financial sectors of emerging economies.

2. Strategize, predict and innovate future trends in the financial business, and become recognized as a path-breaking thinker.

3. Become a prominent professional known for my work, intelligence and foresight.

4. Find innovative ways to resolve the divide between emerging economies and the developed world.

I recall the words of one of my mentor's, "Education is an investment, and like all investments, it needs to be carefully researched, wisely chosen and fruitfully nurtured. Educating myself at your institution, will raise the platform to learn and share experiences, seize opportunities


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