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Atlantic Worlds

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The Atlantic worlds welcomed the Caribbean and the Americas in early-modern era. After that they then opened up contact with many other regions. These regions included the Caribbean, the Americas, and west Africa. By way of these additions they also received major changes and continuities to both socially and economically . Economically, the Columbian exchange helped transport many of items and goods across the Atlantic also China still remained a major exporter of fine goods from 1492 to 1750. Socially, the kongos social structure was changed after being conquered by the Portuguese also in the 1492 to 1750 period.

The Columbian exchange drastically changed the economy in the Atlantic. The Columbian exchange traded many things including important goods like potatoes, cassava, and horses. Horses and guns brought to the Americas helped the Amerindians a great deal. The Columbian exchange also benefited/hurt the global scale by trading silver, slaves, crops, and disease. It also affected the local indigenous populations with an influx of disease they did not have an immunity for. This change occurred because of the addition of the Americas to the global network which allowed more products like silver and potatoes to reach other regions.

China still remained a world power through 1492-1750. China was a major exporter of luxury items every region lusted for as always. China continued this in there region with the manufacturing of the goods. Chinas luxury goods were traded all around the globe to Europe, the Middle East, and many other regions. China traded silk, porcelain, and many other luxury goods. This continuity occurred because Chinas luxury goods are well lusted after and continued to attract attention in exporting the goods.

The Kongo was taken over by the Portuguese due to the kongos leader confronting them because of the Portuguese taking their elite. The Portuguese then decided to change the kongos social pyramid


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