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International. Communication Technology

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1.0 Introduction

This report is to solve the problems the Crown Catering Services must face about Information and Communication Technology in Business(ICT) at the new age. The main company was established in 2001. And they have some trouble because of out of date. So this report described the following points. The nature of the information required for decision making at strategic ,tactical and operational and its types of system is the first one. Then, legal aspects cannot be avoided. The original key point is the data communication systems. As for security, must focus on the threats and the security procedures. Finally, the problem previously mentioned about out of date, is rely on innovation to solve.


Strategic management is responsible for making decisions that affect whole company. These decisions are generally very complex and unstructured. They make long-term decisions.

In case, Board of Directors are on this level, they ask a consult to the company to provide him with clear recommendations on the action.

Internal source of information for Strategic management of decision-making is the market trends. If the company observe the market trends, and establish the development direction of future stage, so as to decide it will produce the products to gain more profit.

External source of information for Strategic management is the staffing needs. If the company meet the needs of employees, this can improve the staff's work enthusiasm, improve the efficiency;On the other hand, the company cannot meet the needs of employees, increase employee dissatisfaction with the company, employee's work efficiency will drop.

Tactical managers are the middle management. They make medium-term decisions affecting budgets, monitoring operations, developing policies, obtaining resources. Tactical managers develop tactics to achieve the overall strategic aims and objectives set by the strategic manager.

In the case, Conner Webster is on this level as its managing director. One major project that Conner is currently planning is a marketing survey project that will involve him working with a number of key personal in the Marketing Department.

Internal source of information for Tactical managers is Budgets. If the company has a budget process, it will be able to control the budget and control the company 's capital flows. Increase the flexibility of enterprise capital.

External source of information for Tactical managers is productivity. The productivity. If the company has the abundant productivity, the company can guarantee the quality of the products and enter the market quickly, to improve the competitiveness of the enterprises, and increase more profits.

Operational managers are the first line of management responsible for the day-to-day running of each department. They will make decisions in the very short term and any decisions made are guided by organizational policy and procedures, therefore decision making gat this level does not normally require the manager to use their own judgement.

In the case, Air Khan, Joseph Taylor, Aldo Moreno, Victoria Steckyte are on this level, they should carry out the plan of the project. Due to the need to complete this survey project in the most effective manner to allow results to be obtained quickly.


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