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The Role of Outsourcing in Hr; Information & Communication Technology (ict) as a Promoting Factor

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National University of Science and Technology

HRM Strategy and Practice

The Role of Outsourcing in HR; Information & Communication Technology (ICT) as a Promoting Factor

Group Members:

Ayesha Zaheer Malik

Ujala Javaid

Yusra Urooj

Submitted to:

Dr. Asfia Obaid

Submission Date: 4 Dec, 2018

Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction        3

2.0 Significance of the Study        4

3.0 Research Gap        4

4.0 Literature Review        4

4.1 HR Outsourcing        4

4.2 Outsourcing and HR Performance        6

4.3 ICT and Outsourcing        6

4.4 Link of ICT with Outsourcing and HR Performance        6

5.0 Methods        7

5.1 Philosophical Orientation        7

5.2 Objectives of the Study        8

5.3 Research Questions        8

5.4 Conceptual Framework        9

5.5 Research Design and Data Collection Technique        9

6.0 Data Analysis        10

7.0 Theoretical and Practical Contribution        11

Bibliography        11

The Role of Outsourcing in HR; Information & Communication Technology (ICT) as a Promoting Factor

1.0 Introduction

Outsourcing means providing such goods and services by an external partner to a manufacturing firm that meets their requirements (Mello, 2002). Ellram and Billington (2001) well-defined it as the transferring of such tasks which were previously operated inside, to an external supplier. Organizations are outsourcing their functions to save time and cost. In this way organization can concentrate on the main business activities (Kakabadse and Kakabadse, 2005). Coggburn (2005) states that Human Resource Outsourcing has become a modern business trend now. The researchers start focusing on the outsourcing of human resource functions in the HRM field (e.g. Alewell et al., 2009; Caruth et al., 2013; Chiang et al., 2010). According to Ruth (2015), to compete globally and to enhance business performance outsourcing the functions of Human Resource can contribute positively in overall business performance. In latest years organizations are outsourcing those human resource functions which increase their service and quality and boost organization effectiveness. Recruitment and selection, training and development and HR information systems are some prominent HR functions that organizations prefer to outsource (Sheehan, 2009). There has been number of studies done on the influence of outsourcing on HR performance. Barthelemy and Adsit (2003) states that there is a positive relationship between outsourcing and HR performance. Gilley et al. (2000) says that there is no relationship between outsourcing and HR performance. Outsourcing improves the organizational efficiency (Jiang et al .2006). Kotabe and Mol (2009) used secondary data to measure the link between outsourcing and performance.


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