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Information and Technology Concepts

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The intranet can be useful way for an organisation to facilitate the sharing of knowledge among all employees. Using an intranet as a means for sharing knowledge, insures that all employees know and have access to important information at any point in time. For organisations to be able to use the intranet as a means for sharing knowledge, they must ensure that all the information that is made available is accurate and accessible. Most organisations are now using an intranet because it is an integral way of communicating and sharing knowledge with its employees.

An intranet refers to the way an organisation allows communicates information internally between its employees, through internet technologies. It has become an invaluable tool for organisational information, as it provides a central location for employees to find information (Baltzan et. all 2009). An organisation can use the intranet to frequently host important information that it requires all of their employees to not only know but have access to. It can also hold various company related information including; benefits, schedules, strategic directions and employee directories (Baltzan et. all 2009). For example, Citigroup uses an intranet to provide its IT department with access to all IT projects such as; information on project owners, delivery dates, key resources and budget information. Providing this information through one convenient location, has allowed Citigroup to gain an improvement of 15 percent via its IT project delivery (Baltzan et. all 2009). Not only can the implementation of an intranet help facilitate knowledge sharing among employees, it can also help the organisation improve how it conducts business.

For an organisation to effectively achieve the sharing of knowledge between its employees, it must make sure the information it hosts is not only consistent but relevant as well. Any information an organisations posts on its intranet has to remain consistent


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