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Professional Development

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Professional develop

It is said professor have the greatest impact on student learning, this made teachers and professor become endless job, because there is always something new to do and learn. Today’s education system is dramatically changing and evolving environment. Teachers and professor need to maintain their performance of teaching style, challenged to develop new skills, up to date knowledge of particular field in order to perform well in their roles and contribute to the delivery of world class education. Professor need to be supported opportunities cause they need to grow professionally and stay abreast with new initiatives and learning techniques.

By valuing the performance and building the capabilities of professors particularly their expertise, intellectual development, professional judgment and networks. Improvement of education for student

Ongoing professional development

There is no doubt that there is a serious connection between the professional qualities of teachers and the learning out comes of student. High standards of teaching is in the best interests of students, of public education and of the teaching profession.

learning and development usually occur in different ways through a broad range of flexible learning options. Such as electronic learning, short courses, conference attendance, mentoring or coaching.

Refer to these options through which used for learning and developing as professional learning. It is believed that all the professional learning should contribute, either directly or indirectly, to improved student learning outcomes you have the right to be supported in your professional learning throughout your career, especially as it relates to the major strategic directions of the Department you have a professional responsibility to continue to learn your professional learning is most effective when it is planned


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