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Professional Development

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Professional development for strategic managers


The assignment focuses on the professional development for strategic managers. Strategic managers should need personal and professional skills for their own development as well as the professional development. Accordingly personal and professional development helps to the managers to achieve strategic direction of the organization. There are personal and professional development aspects will be evaluated with the strategic context. In here personal skills, technique, skills audit , learning styles, personal development plan , outcomes of a personal development plan, personal work objectives, evaluate the impact of own learning will be analyzed with the effective way.

Be able to assess personal and professional skills required to achieve strategic goals

  1. Use appropriate methods to evaluate personal skills requiring to achieve strategic  goals

Personal skills are important for the people to achieve the professional success. Personal skills give the contribution to the success of the organization. Accordingly personal skills require achieving the strategic goals of the organization. There are following personal skills requiring achieving strategic goals of the organization.  They are

  1. Time management

Time management is an important personal skill. It leads the personal and professional success. In generally on time performance require to every organization or company. Without time management no one can perform their progress whether they are intelligent or not. Accordingly time management skill is very crucial for anyone who has the reach the top level of their life.demand to be at the top of its field.

Fundamentally time management produces the outcome of self-management. Persons have twenty four hour time, during the time they can schedule their work, in the personal and the professional life schedule the time for allocate task which is important for every procedure. Time management gives the clear idea of strategic goals. Therefore it will give the effective skills for when the person join to work in the organization or company. Effective time management led to guide the strategic goals for the personal life and the professional life.


When create to achieve the strategic goals, SMART objectives require for that.

Specific: The person goals have to be exactly. If the person identifies his or her specific goals it will lead the strategic objectives.

Measurable: In generally goals can measurable. Accordingly measurable goals help management to the planning, implementation, and control of the specific task whether personal or professional life.  

Attainable: Goals must deliver an elasticity that motivates people to aim higher. Goals must be reachable. Set goals create as the strategic perspective.


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