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Cpd Analysis - Continue Professional Development

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   CPD (Continue Professional Development) means a learning process of people who want to develop working skills or toward their dream jobs (Megginson, D., and Whitaker, V., 2003), it is more directional and purposeful than the ordinary learning process. The refining and the expertise are the main characteristics of CPD. Generally, the CPD students have some basic knowledge or experiences of the subject which they want to learn, and the CPD course do not have too much basic knowledge  and conceptual knowledge, it will focus on one area of the subject, provide elaborate and deep knowledge . For example, the psychology subject includes different applications for different areas or industries, it can be divided to criminal psychology, clinical psychology, management psychology and so on in the CPD learning process. A student who want to be a criminal consultant does not need to learn the management psychology which is about managing employees, and the education psychology course is less useful for a human resource manager.

   There are lots of model of CPD, Kennedy (Kennedy, A., 2005) divides the CPD into nine models based on different behaviours:







·Community of practice

·Action research


In the opinion of author, the CPD can be divided into four models: Full-time course study, Part-time course study, Training and Practice. Full-time course study means most of students have not a permanent job, in the current time, full-time students spend most time on course study and research, like full-time master course and PHD course. But there are some particular cases that the students are dispatched of their companies because the professional skill requirements. Most of part-time study students have a permanent jobs, they choose the continue study based on career development or requirements of the jobs. The part-time students can link the knowledge with their work, supplement each other between study and work. Sometimes, the targets of part-time students are more straightforward than the targets full-time students, the purpose are more prominent. In contrast to the full-time study and part-time study, the training model place bigger focus on skills instead of theories. In general, the training course time will be short than the full-time and part-time study, and lot of training are organised by companies which have the skill requirement. The practice is an effective way for the human being who want to gather work experiences, it can be used for an intern to do a work link with own knowledge, it can help the people to find fortes and defect of themselves. For example, the Chinese civil servants have to work in rural area for two years no matter which positions or which ranks they are, this civil servants need to know the characteristics of civil cases because of the only mission of civil servants is the public service, practice is probably the most direct way turning theories to skills.  


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