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What we are witnessing from Tunisia to Iran is not unexpected. After decades of repression under dictatorial and monarchial rulers, the Arab people have awakened to their social and political rights expressing rage and anger of long overdue dictatorship leadership. These inspiring events recall the universal truth that no people can be held in bondage forever.

One of the most key human attributes is Trust. Humans are born helpless, subject to the mercy of others, but grow to trust the people who look after and support them. Building trust within a society has to start from the very top, from its leaders.

President Mubarak is the perfect example of the Arab leader turned into military leader, accustomed to ‘yes sir' answer and having others following unquestionably. His rule, which started more than 30 years ago, has ended in dramatic manner.

As cited in recent studies conducted by FranklinCovey, 72% of the Middle East leaders are currently facing crucial issues which needs direct control, naming trust as the most important one.

Trust-related problems like bureaucracy, fraud, and turnover put the lights on corruption, justice, productivity, and prosperity and wasted opportunities are symbolic of Middle Eastern leaders.

On the other hand, leaders who embrace trust, and build on it, will raise the power to their advantage, such individuals will lead through inspiring and mentoring rather than command-and control. These leaders are responsible toward the nations they have been entrusted with, considering it their duties to lead them through crisis.

Rickards, Clark (2006, p.28) in reporting Dirks and Ferrin, argue that trust is relationship based. Trust is looked at as a social exchange process with emphasis on consideration. Undoubtedly, such a way takes into account the vulnerabilities of followers, and tendency to trust. They have found as well that trust in a leadership is considerably


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