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Military Leadership - Leadership Elements and Styles

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Leadership is the ability to inspire and motivate a group of people or troops to accomplish a common goal. In the work area, leadership is really important. Without it, nothing that requires teamwork can be accomplished. To become a great leader, is necessary to acquire specific qualities such as intellect, moral character, and human understanding. These qualities together will allow the leader to inspire and guide a group of people successfully.

Leadership Elements and Styles

They are three essential elements for leadership. This are: the leader, the group and the situation (goal). The leader is the first essential element. That would be the person in charge. The second element is the group of people led, without this there would be no one to lead. The third element is the situation. The situation depends on what the goal of the organization is and the time available to accomplish the desired goal. Each situation is unique.

To be able to accomplish all this, the leader has to assume his roles. Leaders have to: organize jobs and workers, coordinate the task to achieve the desired results in a systematic and logical manner, and supervise the workers so the task is accomplished correctly and in a timely manner. Is the leaders job to know what tasks can be assigned to each person of the group, basically getting the right people to the right job. To achieve success the leader has to ensure that group members accomplish their assigned task.

To be a good leader, you must show to your subordinates respect, cooperation, and tact. Respect means to not use your authority position to make you feel more important than your subordinates. Make yourself approachable to your subordinates. Cooperation is the ability to work together to get the goal done. Working together helps to build bridges of communications. Is important to get to know in a personal level the people you


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