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Adopting Leadership Style

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According to Taylor 2010 autocratic as tyrannical, despotic, domineering and having unlimited power and authority. Therefore, an autocratic leadership style is one who leads as a tyrant with absolute power and ruling "with an iron fist. In autocratic leadership style a leader is having abso-lute power of management .Roskoski 2010 claimed that" Autocracy, or autocratic leadership, means that one person has complete, or absolute, authority over a specific area, organization and staff. This is a traditional boss-employee relationship. In autocratic leadership, a manager makes all decisions and delegates tasks to staff, expecting employees to carry out these tasks without explanation. style: In the democratic style all policies are derived from group decision .The leader participates in the formation of policies but does not dominate group action ,the group

Democratic or participative leader is primarily concerned with human relation and teamwork, com-munication is open as usually goes ways. A participating leader or democratic leader demon-strates sprit of collaboration and joint effort results. In stuff satisfaction with this style of leadership, participation promotes acceptance of goals and goal commitment. According to sigleton1972 decision ca n be made in many ways which are products of leadership style, He emphasizes the value of wide involvement and consultation. Philppe 2008 claimed that Democratic leadership is far, as employee satisfaction is concerned, significantly superior to autocratic leadership, however, as far as group efficiency is concerned democratic leadership is only superior when the leader is physically absent…3. Laissez- faire or permissive leadership style: Laissez-faire or permissive leadership style complete permissiveness is allowed in the lassies-faire or permissive style of leadership .The group lakes direction because the leader does not help in the making decisions. The leader merely supplies various materials


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