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Contrast at Least Two Leadership Styles of Leaders of Your Choice by Studying and Critically Analysing Leadership Theories in Organizations. Critically Assess Relevance to the Current Economic Climate

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The aim of this literature review is to explore various types of leadership styles in organization in order to show the concept of difference management styles and approaches of each type of Leadership styles, the strengths and weaknesses of each Leadership styles are discussed and identify to make comparison for evaluation. Based on the above research for Leadership styles,

It involves focused on the culture of different kinds of Leadership styles as well as the strengths, weakness and etc.

how to define the nature of leadership styles and show the differences between each type of leadership.

its affect the performance of an organization and

differentiation of various types of leadership styles and theories in organisation by giving examples from the recognized literature publication.

focuses on the Leadership styles of Leaders by comparison of various type of Leadership

is to explore in the field of Leadership

and discuss the differentiation of variety of leadership and theories in organization

and how it penetrate in the real world business. From the literature review, it was discovered that

Our thesis aims to evaluate work based learning approaches in developing acute skills for nurses in critical care wards. In this section of the literature review, we will discuss policies in the nursing profession, case studies and various approaches to work based acute skills learning programmes. For our purposes we conducted a literature search using popular medical databases and terms such as ‘acute skills’ ‘learning programmes’ and ‘critical care learning’. Our review highlights on the several


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