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Shanghai and American Style Ccm Case Study

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Negotiation strategies

• Difficult to take a linear approach.For them negotiation is just one of many encounters whereby the principle is to built a business partnership for the long term.

Ex: it is proven when xie (chow’s assistant) asked for an extension of the software term from twelve months to twenty four months.However Hyper-Hawk thinks that the request for twenty for month was not reasonable.To satisfy JJM, HyperHawk negotiated a mid way solution: a maximum of eigteen months.Both parties acted rationally in the way the negotiations were conducted, and it helped that the relationship between them was excellent from the start.

• A lot of question will be asked to do with the interest and personalities of the oher team rather than dealing directly with the details of any deal or joint project.

• Detailed term of any agreement a strong consensual basis.

• There is a persistency whereby the negotiator does all he can to exploit his opponent to the maximum.

Ex: Ma is keen to explore more projects with Hyperhawk and has tasked chow to follow up with HyperHawk as soon as possible and finally both parties identified ten possible projects.

Strategis time- frame

• A negotiation is not a one off event but a step along the path to a harmonious and mutually beneficial relationship in the long term.

• A deal made and the end of negotiation remains in their eyes negotiable in the longterm since both parties could benefit more from and improvementnof some kind in an agreement made.

• All agreement is based on trust and goodwill, so a firm contract is superfluous.

Ex: After


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