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American Iron Inc Case Study

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Table of Contents


Management Team and Company Structure----------------------------------------------------------4

Operations Plan and Product/Service Development Plan------------------------------------------11

Financial Projections---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------16



American Iron Inc. is a manufacturing company. Our company’s objective is to manufacture, using existing foundry practices, grey and ductile cast iron components for public works and highway use, based in the North East United States. The construction industry is finally looking at an upturn in its fortunes after the disastrous effects of the global financial crisis. Because of this upturn in the economy, the construction industry is bouncing back. The North East United States needs substantial infrastructure upgradation and improvements (C. Campbell, Campbell Foundries, personal communication 9-24-2014). Foundries in the United States slowly closed down during the financial crisis. There used to be plenty of foundries all over the United States that used to make cast iron manhole covers and grates. Now there are only 4 in all of the USA. None of these are in the north east selling to possibly the biggest growing market in the country. The New York, Boston, Washington DC, Philadelphia and Baltimore area is the most populous area in the country and growing every year. This growth will need to be met. More houses, developments, road, bridges are all going to be built. This is where our company comes into play. We will supply the entire northeast with distributors we talked to. These distributors are eagerly waiting for someone to open a foundry in the area that can meet their needs on time with quality products.

In this case, three sections will be discussed including the Management Team and Company Structure, the Operations Plan and Product/Service Development Plan, Financial Projections

Management Team and Company Structure

Depend on the functions of our four major departments: Sales department, Manufacture& technical department, Accounting department, Operation department. And several other department, such as Human Resource department. The essential roles of our management team are each department head, who is responsibility for the department activities. The management team are showed below:


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