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Anglo American Case Study

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Anglo American is one of the largest British-based international businesses and is one of the 20 largest companies on the London Stock Exchange. Primarily AA, (Anglo American) has nearly 8,000 people employed in the UK. It has managed operations in over 40 countries and employs over 100,000 people worldwide. . It is one of the world's largest mining companies. AA produces five main materials and also owns little less than half of non-managing stake in diamond leader, De Beers. Base metals, ferrous metals, platinum, coal, and industrial materials are some that AA produces. Most of Anglo American's work is in primary industry.

Primary industry is the first stage of industrial activity. For Anglo American this means that they’d need to pull out materials from the ground through mining and quarrying. When creating metals like copper or platinum, it produces the ore. Anglo American looks to contribute to sustainable development by being socially and environmentally responsible and observant. They’re attempt or plans is by performing exceptional in five overlapping areas. Which are Social, Natural, Human, Manufactured, and Financial.

Anglo American runs under a sustainable development. A sustainable development is “applying special attention and respect to one another, everyone who shares our planet, future generations (what is called 'inter-generational equity'), as well as the existing one, for nature itself for plants, animals and all life forms. Also, be ethical, efficient and create value for its stakeholders, create meaningful employment in safe, healthy environments, reduce its environmental footprint and contribute to biodiversity, increase innovation, technology and process improvement, and contribute towards building more adaptable societies in the communities where it operates”.

AA also applies great attention on Safety and Health. The mining industry has major safety hazards, including a high number of deaths. The company is working on having zero deaths yearly. Anglo American works in many countries where water is hard to find, countries not limited to but including Chile, Australia and South Africa. The Emalahleni water treatment plant in South Africa cleans waste water from coal mines into drinking water for use by the Emalahleni society. Anglo American works with many partnerships to achieve it’s goals and many of its projects. Working both with governments and private companies, and with community groups or international donors to confirm that the capacities and networks of local communities are improved. In South Africa, Anglo American has the workplace for HIV/AIDS treatment programs in the world.

Anglo American does it’s mining with a concern and motives. Minimize noise and other types of pollution, little harm to the landscape after mining has been completed, and look to improve the strength and opportunities available to local people.


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