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Contemporary Leadership

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Journal 1

i) What is the most significant action you have taken at this point in your life to change yourself and others?

I think the most important part in changing others and myself is firstly by understanding that we have each have a responsibility to be considerate in our actions. Our actions dictate who we are and how other people perceive us. Not only does it represent what type of person we are in the real world it also represent our views and perspectives on how we should behave as a living person. Every person who interacts with us will naturally form their own views and opinions on our personality and if it is important to set the right example, the most significant action is to change others by changing yourself. My significant action in my life has been to change my bad habits and to set new standards of conduct. We may all have faults but there would be no challenge and no room for improvement if the world was born perfect. We have a responsibility to do our best in our life wherever it leads us and understand that there are people look to our actions for guidance. We all have our own difficulties and our own paths we walk but what we gain and what we learn comes from what we do and how we conduct ourselves in the situation.

a. Who did you impact through your actions?

Many people are affecting by one persons actions. There are the people who are close to this person but also any others who are connected via friends and family. Sometimes just a casual meet and greet is enough to display your qualities and whilst naturally the closest member that surround you gain the largest impact from your actions, really anyone you interact with can be impacted. Leadership is a life long process whereby we display through our character, we react specifically in different situations and this is our behaviour to counteract that situation, our way of control in our surrounding. I believe the greatest leaders are the ones who believe until the end; those people who continue to pursue great causes when all is against them. They don't give up; they keep plugging away and set new examples to why and how things get better.

b. How do you know you were successful?

Success as a leader has to come from a form of achievement. Why I say it comes from a form of achievement is because sometimes it is not about the winning or the losing, it can also be about the experiences gained, the lessons learnt and the development of your people that to not always coincide with gaining the desired result. Great leaders are often humble in their actions and being successful can come in many different forms. The important part of leadership is what you bring to your people and the value you add to your community.


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