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This organization has helped participants a great deal to work under a team and be actively involved in group work to achieve certain goals under the team leader's instructions, sharing ideas and developing skills for the benefit of the team spirit as a whole, in order to accomplish a task in the most efficient way.

I had the opportunity to work with a great organization. This camp had about 14 persons and was divided into two sub groups. I worked with my group, and we had many targets and succeeded to achieve every goal by following a number of rules.

In this reflective review I would like to state the main things I learned about being a successful leader:

• Responsibilities of being in a leadership position.

• How to establish trust between your team members.

• Improving my performance as a leader.

• Obtaining feedback on my performance.

• Leadership and management.

• Describing leadership styles and its impact.

• Empowerment.

• Self managed team benefits.

The points mentioned above can help lay good foundations for leadership roles. This organization can help the building and facilitate the birth of a new class of leaders that can help their societies under difficult circumstances; that teach the team members to adhere to rules under the team spirit while working together or individually carrying out their roles for the sake of the team.

The individuals in my organization have organized themselves well and have done their tasks in a perfect way because we have specified a leader for each task that followed the main points into success. Examples of these are planning, building the trust into the team


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