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The Changing Context of Leadership - Article Review

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The key findings indicate that there is a major shift from the traditional leadership practice with hierarchical organisational structure towards a more organic structure which promotes participative and democratic leadership style. This report demonstrates the importance of strategic leadership and highlights the role of information and communication in a new era.

In order for the hospitality leaders to be effective, this report recommends that the emphasis should be placed on continuous change, development, and innovation. In the Information Age a constantly changing environment forces businesses to focus on people and invest in human resources.

Introduction and Background information

Outline of the Report

In an article entitled, "The Changing Context of Leadership", James Clawson (2003) discussed the major forces that drive the paradigm shift in management thinking and modes of leaderships. The objective of this report is to provide a review of how the recent Global Financial Crisis has affected the paradigm shift and how this crisis has posed challenges for leaders and organisations in both the short and long term (i.e. over the next 5 years). The information gathered can be used as inputs to assist leaders and organizations in their continuous development and strategic decision-making processes, in order to cope or plan for the challenges ahead. Good!

Background History of the Industry

Electronic journals, books and industry reports (Walker, 2007; Rossiter, 2010; Clawson 2003; Bruce, 2004) have illustrated how closely leadership challenges and barriers to the hospitality industry in Australia are related to the paradigm shift that Clawson have conferred. This necessitates organisations and leaders to take into consideration of the prevailing and imminent challenges as they make any strategic business decisions.


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