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Do Evs Save Drivers Money in Long Run? - Article Review

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This article of Time magazine provides us with some details on the everlasting debatable topic of finding out if buying an electric car would be cheaper than a gas or a hybrid vehicle. Before I start talking about the article, I would like to provide some background information about the differences between the two types of cars and there fuel efficiency in today’s economy.

Gas powered cars have an internal combustion engine in which fuel is burned to create pressure. The pressure creates an energy that powers other parts of the engine to propel the vehicle forward (). Similar to gas cars, they also have hybrid cars that work off of gasoline but also include a battery that powers the engine while it’s resting to conserve fuel. Electric cars are the new generation green vehicles that contain a battery pack and an electric motor. EVs do not need a combustion engine or fuel to power itself because it works entirely off of electricity. Since there are no fumes, EVs are rated best for zero-emission vehicles.

In the early 1990s, after the government made a push for more fuel efficient vehicles, automakers started to put EVs to concept. EVs are claimed to be more fuel efficient than gas powered vehicle primary due to the electric motor that does not require any fuel. Due to recent economy decline, the price for gasoline has gone high, making it impossible for consumers to afford gas powered vehicle.

In this article, Tuttle debates if EVs are really money saving vehicles and if they can be owned for a longer period. The article compares the time frame in which both vehicles are owned so that people do not buy cars just by looking at price and miles per gallon (MPG). In article it states that if an EV is owned for three years, it can be less costly for the consumers because the life expectancy for the battery that powers the car is around three years. After that you have to replace it and it is very expensive. An issue that does come by owning an


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