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All to Be Tall - Article Review

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In Joe Kita's article, "All to be Tall," originally published in a Men's Health magazine, he conveys messages of obstacles and emotional challenges that affect men of short stature. Particularly, Kita uses Jim Conran's story to dissuade the audience away from the incredibly painful procedure of leg lengthening.

Kita's Title of the article is the beginning of a puzzling persuasive paper. "All to be Tall" seems to insinuate that all people want or need to be tall, when in this case it is only men of short stature who are longing to be tall. His absent thesis in the opening paragraph preludes the nonexistence of his argument in the subsequent paragraphs.

Following the introduction, Kita does a very good job portraying his points from paragraph to paragraph. He uses an assorted collection of professional opinion's including those of multiple doctors, a psychologist and an economist to further evaluate his thesis. He uses strong vocabulary with an easy to read flow from start to finish.

Kita is a well rounded writer, he has taught at the collegiate level, written for a couple different major magazines, and taught memoir writing during his professional career. His sources seem to even further solidify his credibility, enabling him with the opportunity to write a strong persuasive paper

However, aside from the grammatical aspect of his writing, Kita could not effectively complete a valid argument. As a persuasive article, Kita did not validate his hard to locate thesis any more than one time. Kita briefly mentions either side of the argument. He writes about the excruciating pain Conran had to go through to gain three inches and discusses, the majority of the time, the painful leg lengthening process.

Kita goes into a great amount of detail focusing on the negative aspect of the surgery. He notes the huge medical bill the procedure comes with, the grueling recovery, and the long term


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