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Marketing Research Assignment

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We are a research consulting company called UniChoice who conduct research on understanding consumer attitudes in various industries and provide a report of our findings and trends. We hope to expand our research consulting to academic institutions and provide them with student’s attitudes.

UniChoice has been lucky enough to have been contracted by Swinburne University to research the student’s attitudes from a variety of student demographic backgrounds.

We specialise in discovering attitudes and possible trends of our respondents in particular industries however in this case, students attitudes and trends in gaining admission and working attitudes in Swinburne University. All our respondents are students and we like to think we are meeting the needs of Swinburne’s Universities requirements of establishing student attitudes and behaviour; this will assist our mission of becoming a reputable and recognised research consulting company, with plenty of clients.

In terms of improving and developing our research with tertiary institutions we propose greater interaction and clearer communication between these institutions and UniChoice. Although we offer a detailed service there are certain limitations in our research. These limitations include ‘errors’ in surveys that distort overall data and biased responses. In some instances respondents would reply with an acquiescence bias (tending to agree with surveyor) or influenced by other factors. By addressing these issues we hope to improve our qualitative research and produce more meaningful and unbiased results. If we can eliminate these variables, our results will be more accurate and beneficial for contractors to make possible changes to their institutions according to their newly found weaknesses or further improve areas of strength.

It would be great for our research consulting company as we can ensure and put confidence into future contractors we are hired by, in finding accurate


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